Maintec Unveils The Exchange

Maintec 2014 will feature a programme of special seminars, called The Exchange, when the show returns to the NEC in Birmingham on 11-13 March 2014.

The Exchange will feature 21 free practical talks packed full of advice, new innovations and case studies for maintenance professionals, engineers, plant and asset managers to learn from. For instance energy consumption is a major industry issue and Jit Patel, Technical Sales Manager at Fluke UK, will explain how companies can reduce energy costs by up to 20% by identifying and quantifying energy waste.

Managers who rely on modern maintenance software systems will be interested in the presentation by John Atkinson, Technical Director, Russell Sion, Managing Director and Toby Smith, Software Director at C-Cubed. They will examine how to make valuable data readily accessible to all those who are permitted access to it, whilst keeping those who are not, out of the loop. The presentation will raise questions about data security and is expected to get people discussing the future direction of this technology.

Dave Anderson, Company Director at Score Diagnostics Ltd, will focus on the importance of valve condition monitoring, with a look at the equipment, techniques and systems available. As part of this he will outline how to move away from reactive maintenance and towards a more proactive approach, in line with the new Asset Integrity Management Standard.

In theory Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) are powerful, for instance allowing companies to determine which machines require maintenance and which storerooms contain the spare parts needed. Yet up to 80% of CMMS implementations fail to meet expectations in the first 12 months. To combat this Roy Rothwell, Implementation Account Manager at eMaint Enterprises, will explain the Top 10 Keys to Success in CMMS Implementation.

Many maintenance teams find themselves facing premature failure on their pumping systems due to high operational demands. To help them Chris Dean, Global Technical Trainer for AESSEAL Plc, will provide some key strategies and solutions to everyday challenges. He will also introduce the latest advances in seal and support system design and technology.

Those weighing up the benefits of adopting a proactive rather than a reactive approach to plant maintenance will find the session from Ian Pledger, IAM Field Service Engineer, and Ian Taylor, Director, at Schaeffler UK invaluable.They will help attendees understand the key principles of a proactive plant maintenance regime, and how to select condition monitoring tools and techniques.

When maintenance engineers encounter leaking process equipment, the simple gasket is all too often blamed, whereas frequently it is the bolted jointing assemblies that are at fault. Adrian Jefferies from James Walker will illustrate best practice when it comes to such assemblies. This will include the benefits of measuring installed bolt loads, the factors affecting the reliability of bolted joints along with examples of how leaks on problem equipment have been eliminated. 

Dean Whittle, Director at Reliability Maintenance Solutions, will explore the challenges posed, and vibration analysis used, when monitoring complex gearboxes. He will particularly focus on testing situations such as gearboxes on wind turbines.

Anyone looking to improve plant reliability will not want to miss the talk by Andrew Fraser, Managing Director of Reliable Manufacturing. He will explain how putting reliability at the top of the agenda reduces the need for reactive maintenance, cuts injury levels and creates a safer working environment. He will use client case studies to show how the best plants are competing globally thanks to a holistic top-down and bottom-up ‘reliability strategy’.

In addition to The Exchange, Maintec will feature a full exhibition packed with major names, plus the Business Strategy Forum where experts from some of the biggest names in industry will debate the critical maintenance topics of the day.  Providing yet more content for visitors, Maintec is also co-located with two other highly relevant events – the brand new Facilities Management and the Health & Safety Event.

Registration for Maintec is free and now available via

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