For Power Quality we have the EnergyPro

It’s a fact!  A portable data logger for electricity measurement could be one of the most cost-effective and carbon-efficient purchases you will ever make!

Each time you use it, there’s a very good chance it will highlight some inefficiency or energy wastage that you didn’t know about.  Many of the SPC loggers we sell pay for themselves within weeks – sometimes on their very first survey!

Before you invest in any other energy saving technology, invest in the SPC Pro or an SPC Mini from Elcomponent.  They’re incredibly simple to use – requiring little or no set-up, and they’re as safe and easy to connect as it’s possible to get.  Our much acclaimed PowerPackPro software (get your free and unrestricted copy here).  Makes graphing and reporting your data a breeze, even allows you to share your surveys by email with a single click.

For Power Quality we have the EnergyPro

The EnergyPro is a major step up from our hugely successful SPC Pro data logger, and is designed for the user who needs to do more than measure and manage their energy and carbon, although of course it can still carry out that role with ease.

Full 6 channel Measurement

  • THD and Harmonics on both current and voltage
  • Auto ranging Flex CTs

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