NORMA Group obtains large orders: Second generation of fluid pipes gains momentum

NORMA Group, a global market and technology leader for engineered joining technology, has obtained large orders for the second-generation of NORMAFLEX fluid pipes from European manufacturers of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. NORMA Group will commence the production in its Subotica site in Serbia in 2016 and in its Monterrey, Mexico, manufacturing plant in 2017. The overall volume amounts to about 400.000 heated NORMAFLEX Urea pipes per year until 2026.

The orders reflect the rising demand for Urea fluid lines resulting from the introduction of the Euro 6 emissions standard in Europe and the EAP 15 standard in the NAFTA area (North American Free Trade Area). “We are committed to anticipating future demands and to constantly improving our product solutions accordingly,” says Bernd Kleinhens, board member Business Development at NORMA Group. “Our latest generation of Urea lines is an example of our commitment and the large orders show the growing demand for our innovative technology among our customers.”

NORMA Group’s heated thermoplastic pipes are an integral part of the “Selective Catalytic Reduction” (SCR) technology used to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. To unfreeze the Urea fluid and keeping it liquid while driving, the second generation of NORMAFLEX Urea lines has the heating rod inside the Urea fluid instead of having it wrapped around the tube. This design enhances the heat efficiency, which goes directly into the medium and helps to reduce the amount of electrical power used. In addition, the system is weight-optimised due to specialised plastic materials used, contributing further to reducing the overall weight of the vehicle.

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