Maintaining Cost-Effective and Flexible Gas-Fired Operations in Today’s Market

It is crucial for all operators of CCGT power plants to implement and establish a full life operations and maintenance (O&M) plan for their gas turbine and balance of plant. In a time of commercial and operational pressure, there must be a real focus on delivering the most cost-effective and flexible operations as possible.

The 2nd annual Asia-Pacific O&M and Lifecycle Management for CCGT Power Plants conference will bring together a range of regional operators, OEMs and third party service providers for discussion on how operators can reduce maintenance spend and increase gross margin, without impacting plant availability and efficiency.  For more information and to register now, please visit the conference website at:

Our case studies will allow attendees to benchmark best practice with major power plant operators. Discuss key strategic and operational themes, including LTSA vs third party contracting, CCGT fleet management, gas turbine life assessment and life extension, plant flexibility and the impact on operations, balance of plant O&M, and more.

For more information on early bird, operator and group discounts , please feel free to contact the T.A. Cook team at [email protected] or +44 (0)121 200 3810.


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