Explore the era of the Virtual World – The future of Engineering

The Engineering Simulation Show – April 15th/16th 2015, Derby Roundhouse


From developing the world’s fastest F1 cars to maximising the pleasure we get from eating chocolate, from designing aircraft wings to life-saving operating theatre procedures, and from the largest civil engineering projects to the smallest medical devices, the engineering simulation industry represents the cutting edge of technological advancement.


The sector is set to grow exponentially, and as simulation becomes more widespread, it is expected that within a decade every major industrial product will benefit from digital investigation during its design, manufacturing and testing phases.


The Engineering Simulation Show, a two-day global expo featuring the world’s leading business in developing simulation software, is being held in Derby, the UK’s centre of manufacturing excellence, in April 2015.


Held in 2014 for the first time, The Engineering Simulation Show was hailed as a great success bringing together the developers of this technology and their user base. 2015 promises to be even bigger. As the only event of its type which is free to attend, attendees travel from across the world to visit the expo.


We expect over 4000 specialist professionals to attend across industries as diverse as automotive, energy, electronics, aerospace, civil engineering, healthcare, consumer products and food processing.