FANUC launches world’s first heavy lifting collaborative robot

London 13th April 2015: Previously the collaborative robot has only been seen in works of science fiction. However, today marks the launch of the world’s first heavy lifting industrial collaborative robot, the FANUC CR-35iA, working hand-in-hand with human employees.


FANUC’s collaborative robot uses integrated vision technology, iRVision, to ensure safety by automatically stopping when the robot touches a human operator. This removes the need for safety fences, a previous requirement for all industrial robots, increasing production efficiencies and enabling a higher level of automation.


Servicing a variety of manufacturing industries, the CR-35iA can perform both simple and complex tasks lifting payloads of up to 35 kg.


Chris Sumner, vice president of FANUC Europe and managing director, FANUC UK said: “Collaborative robot technology opens up a new era for manufacturing in which humans and robots will work even more closely on tasks; increasing productivity and efficiencies across the plant floor.”



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