New LC Automation Website is here… and it’s now 10 x faster!

LC Automation have launched a new website with over 10,000 Automation, Motion Control and Machinery Safety products available to buy online from – best of all, it’s now more than 10 x faster!

Over the last 40 years, LC Automation has built a reputation as one of the UK’s leading technical distributors, but their customers have never been able to place orders online, until now. The new brand new LC Automation website was launched in December 2015 and now has more than 10,000 products available to order, with accurate prices and real-time stock levels.

The same account, the same high level of service

As Malcolm Chadwick, LC Automation Managing Director explains; “The new website is in addition to, not instead of, our existing high levels of customer service. Whether online, in person, or on the phone, our customers only have one account, which ensures they receive the same high level of service and support. If an order is placed by phone it can be tracked online. If a customer creates a quote online, they can still call sales to discuss availability, or speak to one of our Technical Support Engineers”.

“We spent a long time making sure we selected the best mix of products for our website,” continues Mr. Chadwick, “but we’re getting more feedback about the great functionality. It’s just one more reason to buy from LC Automation”.

Register today or create a new LC Automation online account

Customers with an existing LC Automation account are already pre-registered for their new website, but it’s easy for anyone to login and use. Credit card customers can register in a couple of minutes, or you can call 01254 685900 to open a new Customer Account and get secure, online access to your account online – any time.

Accurate prices and real-time stock availability

Once users log in to their account online, they have easy access to a range of features such as the easy product search, with accurate prices and real-time stock availability, or the ability to create a quote. When they are ready to buy, it’s easy to add a quote to the checkout, amend it if required, and then place an order.

More than just online ordering

LC Automation say their new website offers much more than just online ordering. Mr. Chadwick ends by saying; “Users of our new website will find it easy to track deliveries, review previous orders and check their invoices, and because customers have a single account, they can still use the websites features, no matter whether they place their orders online, by e-mail or over the phone”.

If that sounds good, or if you prefer to place your orders online, take a look at and register today, or call LC Automation on 01254 685900, to apply for a new customer account.