Velden Unveil New State of the Art Busbar Facility

Velden’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of the industry continues with the unveiling of their new state of the art busbar facility. As an award winning supplier of copper and aluminium busbars to the power generation and distribution industries and specialist copper busbars to the motorsport industry, Velden have pledged their intention to be the UK’s best supplier of busbars by investing heavily in refurbishing their busbar production facility.

This year they have added an Ehrt Professional Punching Machine plus an Ehrt Professional Bending machine to their extensive machinery portfolio.  The design and manufacturing process has taken nine months of extensive discussions and the bespoke Professional Punching machine, manufactured in Germany, is the first to be delivered in the UK with 36 tools, material gantry and integrated laser.  The main criteria for adding this machine was cost efficiency, accuracy and speed. The 36 tools will reduce downtime for set ups and will ensure components can be made in just a single process. The self-loading aspect also improves time efficiency, whilst reducing dedicated manpower and allows different parts to be manufactured simultaneously, by using the gantry and nesting programme.   Highly advanced software allows CAD or DFX drawings to be instantly uploaded and programmed and the machine automatically calculates the most efficient use of metal bars.

The inclusion of an integrated laser, the first of its kind in the UK, allows Velden to automatically mark every component, with batch number, part number or logo, thereby improving traceability and adhering to all quality and customer requirements, without intensive labour input. Velden foresee this machine taking their busbar production to another dimension by increasing efficiencies, accuracy and quality to an unprecedented level.

Punched components will then proceed through an automated deburring process, using another recent investment of a Costa Automatic Deburring and Finishing machine, which is capable of deburring machined holes plus outside edges. Whilst also guaranteeing a consistent finish, this new addition will also rapidly increase production capability.

On completion of the deburring process, components proceed to the next new investment, a fully automated Ehrt Professional Bending machine. Achieving an accuracy of +/- 0.2° calculated from the spring back compensation, complete accuracy and consistency is guaranteed, whilst production levels are elevated.

In order to maintain the increased production resulting from the above automation, the latest stage of investment saw the addition of an Autocruiser conveyor system to transport the components from one section to the next.

The addition of this highly automated technology will ensure Velden are operating in a highly cost efficient way, allowing us to offer competitive pricing with first class quality and improved lead times.” says Austin Kitchen, Managing Director.


The next stage of investment will see a refurbishment of their existing tin plating plant.


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