MecWash Systems Ltd delight as NFPC open day leads to new enquiries

March 6 2017: MecWash was pleased to meet up with and exhibit alongside so many of their customers, including Husco, Parker, Related Fluid Power, Rotary Power, Pall and Sun Hydraulics, at the successful National Fluid Power Centre open day, as well as receiving new enquiries for their aqueous component cleaning systems.

The exhibition area at the annual event, held this year in Worksop, has grown from 50 stands last time to more than 90, and attendance was excellent. Among the hot topics discussed on the day was the impact of new legislation, including energy efficiency and environmental expectations. MecWash were able to advise how they can help with these demands.

Many NFPC members have already installed MecWash systems to ensure their cleaning regimes meet industry standards. Achieving the highest standards of cleanliness is absolutely vital for parts destined to end up in hydraulic and pneumatic systems where even the smallest levels of contamination can have significant long-term effects. Particle contamination in hydraulic fluid systems causes wear to the components which can result in additional maintenance and repair costs, and a substantial decrease in the system’s service life.

For example, Husco, a major global player in the development and manufacture of hydraulic and electrohydraulic controls has already bought 12 MecWash systems for its manufacturing facilities in the UK China and the US, which is home to its global headquarters.

The wash systems aren’t just for global giants though. Related Fluid Power, a leading UK designer and manufacturer of hydraulic manifold control valves and power units, has also installed a Midi at its production plant in Fife to ensure its manifolds and component parts meet the highest levels of cleanliness demanded by today’s hydraulic systems.

Alan Atkinson, Sales Manager at MecWash, explains: “Our systems can help component manufacturers ensure they exceed their customers’ expectations and provide components to the highest possible standards while also reducing the impact their business has on the environment.”

The Aqua-Save waste water recycling range is a perfect example where MecWash technology allows recovery and reuse of waste wash water or coolants within the customers’ own premises.  Husco and Hydraforce Hydraulics, for example, already have Aqua-Save systems which work in conjunction with their MecWash cleaning equipment. The Aqua-Save unit eliminates the high cost and inconvenience of off-site disposal and provides the added benefits of recycling the water back into industrial processes.

Quality management systems are key to MecWash’s pursuit of excellence.

Alan adds: “We are already fully accredited to the new internationally recognised ISO 9001:2015 standard which covers us for the Design, Manufacture, Installation and Servicing of Aqueous Parts Cleaning and Degreasing Systems.

“At  MecWash our innovation constantly provides customers with up-to-date cleaning processes to meet evolving industry demands. Events such as this open day mean MecWash are able to consider new industry sector needs and reflect on how they can best meet them by continuing to develop new technologies.

“It was wonderful to meet so many of our customers who have already experienced the benefits of MecWash systems and, in fact, two of our existing customers  made enquiries at the open day about investing in new MecWash technology. We really welcome such repeat business as this proves what a difference our systems are making for customers,” he added.