Lean Workshop Group comes to WERMA UK to hold training event

Early in December the Lean Workshop Group held two days of training events at WERMA UK in Wellingborough.  The Group has been in existence now for over eight years and was set up by a group of UK based manufacturers of components and systems which all play a leading role in making manufacturing and logistics operations lean.

During the two one day events a total of 45 delegates from 21 different companies in the Midlands region attended the free training course hosted by Lean Workshop Group member WERMA UK, manufacturer of andon lights, beacons and sounders and monitoring systems.

“Lean” principals cover every conceivable part of any operation providing goods and services; it is not simply limited to manufacturing operations.  The simplest definition of “Lean” and what it is designed to achieve can be summed up simply as “the elimination of waste”.  In providing the framework within which you can begin to review current operations and processes you will begin to identify very quickly areas of waste and non-productivity, the elimination of which will contribute to a much more efficient, cost effective and productive operation.  The course will also start to make people think about the links and relationships between various processes and technologies and how continuous evolution of methods will lead to improvements.  Industry 4.0 is often described as the fourth industrial revolution but in essence it is nothing more than providing the framework and conceptual ideas to improve modern methods of producing goods and services by developing ever more lean and automated processes in the operation.

The objective of the day long course is first of all to introduce delegates to the theory of Lean.  This part of the session combines delivery of the principals of lean with much audience participation and thought provoking group activities.  Delegates then have the opportunity to put these lessons learned into practice by working in teams on a small full scale manufacturing line set and reviewing the way the line has been run by the operators, and then reviewing shortcomings and improvement measures which the participants have seen.  Throughout the day experts from the Group member companies are on hand to offer advice on the systems and products used in the Lean operation.

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