MiniTec’s aluminium profile system used as innovative camera rig. The art of simplicity

Whilst a significant part of MiniTec’s modular aluminium profile systems are to be found in classic industrial applications such as machine guarding, conveyors, work stations and the like, the application possibilities extend to retail, sports and lifestyle projects as well.

One could say that the possibilities are as limitless as the imagination is to construct a framework or structure out of metal parts – an industrial building set in fact.

Project – build a multiple camera jig

A good example of this is a project recently concluded by MiniTec in co-operation with a leading digital photography company who needed a structure on which to mount camera’s to shoot subject matter whereby multiples images are captured and scanned by multiple camera shots/angles.

It had proved to be very impractical and cumbersome to construct a jig out of scaffolding.  MiniTec, with the help of the client came up with a solution which is far more than just a customised multiple camera tripod.  Several hurdles had to be overcome:

Insert drawing/sketch of the jig rather than a photo….

Using the modular aluminium profile system to best effect a dome shaped structure was designed with an open top – reminiscent of the old Shakespearean open air Globe theatre!  At some 2 m high and with a diameter of over 4 m the structure has to support 140 cameras located at specific points on the frame in order to capture precisely the right detail of the subject being shot.  The framework had to be free standing with no subject movement being transmitted to the cameras which may cause poor quality scanning and images.  The legs of the structure therefore pass through large diameter holes in a raised stage. The robust profile system from MiniTec proved to be in providing a rigid framework upon which to mount the large number of cameras, each of which is located on specially strengthened platforms.

Standard locking system ensures reuse-ability if required

At the heart of the MiniTec system is the unique Powerlock ® fastening method which requires no specific preparation, pre-machining or special tools and uses standard off the shelf fasteners.  The use of standard M8 fasteners reduces the cost of the overall package of profiles and locking system considerably compared with many other systems which incorporate brand specific locking systems. Thus the only tool required to set up or dismantle a system is an Allen Key.

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