New from LG Motion – Schneeberger’s Minislide MSQscale, combining guiding and measuring functions

LG Motion has brought a new innovative motion control and positioning system to the market.

Schneeberger’s Minislide MSQscale combines guiding and measuring functions and can be used in conjunction with the miniature guideway Minislide MSQ product range – also recently launched by LG Motion in the UK.

The top engineering firm designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of motion control and positioning systems and works closely with a number of global motion control manufacturers including Schneeberger.

Miniscale with legends











The innovative measuring system which has a resolution of 0.1µ can be integrated into the Minislide MSQ to provide both guiding and measuring functions. The highly compact design is integrated onto the carriage and the dimensional scale is mounted directly onto the guideway.  No additional measuring systems are required which makes the solution cost effective and easy to design in.

The interface/connector is available in four options as shown below:

LG-Motion stock a wide range of Schneeberger’s Ball Monorail Linear guides with various carriage options and accessories with a rapid turn-around cut-to-length service to support this stock.

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