Advantech in Top 47 Worldwide for Innovation in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Advantech, a global leader of Industrial IoT products and services is delighted to be ranked in Top 20 Worldwide for Innovation in the Industrial Internet of Things at the IoT ONE Index: Top 100 IIoT Companies – Geographical Distribution.


IoT ONE is an online source for structured information about the Industrial Internet of Things. The platform provides users with transparent and comprehensive information about IoT vendors, solutions and technologies to enable buyers to rapidly identify the best solution on the market. The company curates offline conferences, delegations and executive reports to educate senior leadership and policy makers on the IoT technology landscape. Each quarter IoT ONE assess 1,600 Industrial IoT companies and identify the 100 companies with the greatest impact in three areas: brand influence in markets, technology innovation, and ecosystem.

For 1st quarter 2017, Advantech, a leading Industrial Internet of Things Group, scores a respectable 47th place in this Top100 list. Additionally, in the Innovation category Advantech occupies rank number 20! This reflects in so many ways the views of the company, which aims at being at the forefront of global Industrial Automation trends and the IoT area is perhaps one with the most advanced technological developments we currently can witness.

Naturally, the recognition is the result of an impressive effort already in 2010, the Taiwanese company adopted the “Enabling an Intelligent Planet” as their company vision and the following years it presented numerous Smart City and IoT solutions. Today Advantech offers a comprehensive range of solutions in i-factory, i-transportation, energy & environment applications and an array of high tech products and services for industrial IIoT. The company enables its customers globally to enter the Industry 4.0 era with IoT SRP (Solution Ready Platforms) in the field of industrial automation, communication, monitoring, traceability and energy management.

Tineke Bergen, IIOT Marketing Manager Europe at Advantech Europe, claims: “There is a big difference between claiming a position and actually deserving it. This assessment and the ranking of Advantech within the Top 100 IIoT Companies Globally show that our efforts are fruitful and that Advantech is already perceived as a worldwide leader for innovation in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).”

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About Advantech
Advantech Co., Ltd. – Industrial Automation Group – Founded in 1983, the Industrial Automation Group has grown into a global business organization with more than 30 branch offices in 17 countries, and a worldwide partner network comprised of leading Automation corporations. As a pioneer in open Automation technology, Industrial Automation Group is proud of its efforts as global stewards; providing vertical-focused products, solutions and value-added services for a wide array of sectors, including; Building Automation, Machine Automation, Power & Energy, and Intelligent Transportation Systems.