Let BPMA help with your pump selection

Old pumps not only consume too much energy, they are also prone to failure which can adversely affect your maintenance budget and in turn your business. By replacing them with new, correctly sized, energy-efficient pumps, you will enjoy reliable, low-cost pump operation.

As a way of helping pump users to undertake that all-important pump selection, the British Pump Manufacturers Association (BPMA) developed a comprehensive online Pump Selection Search Facility, which is available for anyone to use.

This easy to use online search facility can be readily accessed via the existing BPMA website https://www.bpma.org.uk/pump-search/1/Pumps and is completely free of charge.

How to use The Pump Search

There are two ways to search for your perfect pump and its supplier:

Search One:
You know the type of pump you need

If you know the type of pump you are looking for, you just need to click on the Pump Type drop-down menu, select your Pump Type then click Show Results. This will offer you a list of BPMA members who will be able to supply this type of pump.

Search Two:
You know the application, but not the pump type

If you are not sure of your Pump Type, but know what it will be used for, simply click on the Pump Application drop-down menu, select your application and then click Show Results. This will offer you a list of BPMA members who can supply pumps suitable for that particular application.

If your initial search delivers a large number of potential suppliers, it can be further refined by selecting extra parameters from the options available in the left hand column, which include Head, Flow, Drive Type, Material etc.

Only BPMA members are displayed on this search engine and all BPMA members have agreed to adhere to the BPMA Code of Conduct, so you are assured of high quality, fully compliant, energy efficient pumps on every selection.

You can now use the Pump Search to easily find the correct pump for your requirements and then knowingly “Buy with Confidence” from a BPMA Member.