Press-to-press transfer applications will become faster, smoother and more compact, thanks to the latest rack-mounted industrial robot by FANUC UK.

The R2000iC/100P, which can be attached to a wall or ceiling, is a space-saving alternative to traditional, floor-mounted robots. It can achieve a larger work envelope in a smaller surface area, making it the perfect solution for automotive (or automotive component) manufacturers with limited floor space.

The robot’s long, slender arm gives it a reach of up to 3540mm, and also facilitates cable routing and dress-out. It is equipped with motor fan cooling systems, which allow the robot to meet continuous, high-duty cycle time with a repeatability of ±0.05mm. In addition, the robot has a maximum axis speed of 210°/s for shorter Standard Press Motion (SPM) cycle times.

For production lines handling larger parts, the six-axes robot has high wrist moments and inertias of up to 1000Nm/227kgm2. The robot itself can handle a maximum load of 100kg.

Andrew Armstrong, sales and marketing manager at FANUC UK, said: “The R2000iC series is widely regarded as the best in its class, due, in part, to its compact construction, reduced size and weight, and high-performance motion control. The R2000iC/100P represents a particularly innovative addition to this series.

“Its ability to be rack mounted makes it perfect for applications such as die changing or press maintenance. Positioning it on a wall or ceiling gives it an optimal working envelope within a minimal surface area, making it ideal for small-scale manufacturers and subcontractors.”

As with the other models in the R2000iC series, the R2000iC/100P can be integrated with FANUC’s latest intelligent software tools, including Dual Check Safety, iRVision, and Learning Vibration Control (LVC).

Andrew says: “As well as our latest developments in artificial intelligence and vision systems, you can also pair the robot with the R-30iB Plus robot controller, which provides a flexible, intuitive user interface, allowing even an automation newcomer to make the most of her industrial robot.”

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