In the fifty years since its formation Camozzi has enjoyed sustained growth due to a carefully implemented policy of continuous innovation of its products, processes and people. Today the Group enjoys a presence in more than 70 countries worldwide, with 30 subsidiaries and assistance centres. This in turn amounts to 2,500 employees across 10 companies that operate in the fields of automation, textiles, machine tools, raw material processing and digital.


Each year the company re-invests significant amounts in its quest to remain at the forefront of each sector. In 2017 around 7% of its turnover went into future research and development, whilst in 2018 in excess of 30 million Euros has been allocated towards the development of new high tech systems.


In 2009 Camozzi embarked upon a programme of business digitalization reflecting the industry’s move towards a more technologically advanced approach. This saw the formation of Camozzi Digital, a division that offers support and guidance to group companies wishing to explore and exploit beneficial digital innovations and the Internet of Things (IoT). Camozzi Digital also offers special solutions to customers enabling the connection of industrial machinery to the digital world.


“The Industrial Internet of Things has made an enormous amount of data available, with a huge value and infinite potential to significantly increase both efficiency and productivity – To not harness this opportunity would be unforgivable,” explains Lodovico Camozzi, President and CEO of the Group.


“Thanks to data sharing, it is now possible to identify and apply beneficial procedures that will reduce the risk of machine downtime and improve output efficiency. Every day we implement concepts aligned with Industry 4.0 and exploit the opportunities offered by so called ‘enabling technologies’.


He adds: “Achieving maximum benefit from new technology involves working closely with our partners at every stage of the supply chain and examples of this show us engaging with Microsoft for our cloud based computing systems, SAP for our Manufacturing Execution System, ABB Robotica for robotics and EvolutSpA for production integration systems, introducing mutually beneficial improvements.”


A direct result of this cooperation can be seen at the Polpenazze del Garda-based Camozzi Automation facility in the form of a production island where an operator works side by side with the collaborative robot ‘Yumi’ that has been developed by ABB Robotica and programmed by Evolut to assemble a series of Camozzi valves.


According to Marco Camozzi, General Manager of Camozzi Spa: “This solution represents the future of automation because it combines the efficiency of robots  which have the ability to constantly learn and improve their performances, with the skills of an operator who can concentrate and dedicate his energy to operations with an added value.


“Moreover, the robotized cell is equipped with sensors and PLC that transmit the data detected through the cloud to the Camozzi Digital platform. This is then processed to supply information on the efficiency of processes, which enables us to establish corrective actions in real time.”








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