From science fiction to science fact – the evolution of the modern Human Machine Interface

In this modern age of technological innovation, it doesn’t take long for tomorrow’s world to become today’s reality, where the touchscreen gadgetry that once graced the cinema screens in the latest sci-fi movie is now part of everyday life. Nowhere is this more evident now than in the way in which we communicate and interact with people, products and machines – the Human Machine Interface (HMI).

Today, the modern HMI has to satisfy a multitude of needs. Operators are looking to the HMI to provide an intelligent, intuitive and familiar user experience.  Manufacturers are demanding more real-time data and diagnostics to minimise downtime, maximise production and deliver greater profit margins, while the product suppliers are looking to offer solutions that are attractive, functional and above all, saleable.

In this article, Rok Skutnik, Global Product Manager – Embedded at Densitron, looks at the latest trends in the modern HMI and the challenges that these changes present the engineers, software developers and product designers working to deliver the next generation platforms.

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