TLM Laser Showcase UDI Compliant Intelligent Part Marking

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of Laser processing technology, TLM Laser will be a key participant at the forthcoming Med-Tech Expo 2018 event.

As the UK and Ireland distributor for FOBA Laser, TLM will use this venue to showcase FOBA’s unique and innovative closed loop machine vision and laser solution. Provided as a completely integrated solution within the laser system, the patented vision system IMP (Intelligent Mark Positioning) ensures consistent and correct marking with pre- and post-mark optical validation, as part of a three stage closed-loop marking process. This vision-supported laser system helps manufacturers build a more robust and cost effective UDI marking process.

Prior to marking, the system performs a part validation check to ensure that the part to be marked is the correct variant, followed by a part verification check to ensure that the part has not been marked previously. The automatic mark alignment function is used to check the position of the mark relative to the position of the to-be-marked component. Only once these checks are completed satisfactorily is the laser mark produced.

The post marking verification stage validates that the laser marks are where they are expected, checking for positioning, alignment and size. Optical character verification (OCV) then validates that every character marked by the laser matches the content expected. The contents of 1D and 2D Data matrix codes are also read and compared to the content expected. This unique three stage marking process, combined with the patented vision system (IMP), ensures the highest levels of process reliability and most importantly, zero defect marks. TLM Laser can be located on stand F11, and company representatives will be happy to discuss specific laser applications in detail.

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