PrimePeel® Provides Easy Peel And Re-Seal With Tamper Proof Features

Our increasingly fast moving lifestyle, together with the growing tendency to eat-on-the-go, are driving packaging manufacturers to develop concepts which will provide consumers with more convenience in the way that they purchase and use fresh products.


Helping the industry keep pace with these ever changing demands are lasers. Their flexibility and precision are at the heart of new and innovative flexible packaging concepts such as the PrimePeel® peel and re-seal process. This allows packages to be opened and re-sealed whilst maintaining the quality of the contents. Crucially, this process also incorporates a tamper evident security feature to protect the packaging and product integrity.




The PrimePeel® process, developed by LasX sister company FlexPack Services, clearly demonstrates how lasers are driving the development of new and innovative packaging concepts, many of which would be impossible with alternative technologies. PrimePeel® is used to preserve perishable food items including produce, cheese and cookies. The concept however is such that it can also be easily applied to applications in other industries including medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetics.


(The PrimePeel® process can be opened and re-sealed multiple times whilst preserving perishable food items)


The opening feature on the film, produced using a LasX LaserSharp® CO2 laser and scanning head, can be of any shape or size. This allows product designers greater scope to develop unique patterns and designs to suit individual product types. Other benefits of the laser include the ability to make design changes quickly if needed, and also cater for small batch runs. The finished result is safe, convenient and reliable, easy to open and close, and can be re-sealed multiple times. The concept can be used on printed or clear labelling and importantly, incorporates a tamper evident security feature to protect the package contents.



The PrimePeel® process is ideally suited to pouches, trays or flow wrap applications and can generate significant cost savings and material reduction when compared to similar applications, including clamshell.


The laser technologies used for this innovative packaging concept are part of the comprehensive range of LasX laser processing systems which TLM Laser now have as part of their portfolio. These systems are able to cut, score and perforate a wide range of flexible packaging materials for applications across “Breathable Packaging” and “Easy Open” applications.