Kimla laser cutting machine shines through for Cook Compression

Compressor solutions supplier, Cook Compression, has revolutionised its metal fabrication output by installing a Kimla LF1530 fibre laser machine, replacing two of its CO2 machines and reducing electricity usage by almost £1,000 per month.

The installation of the new equipment, supplied by Yorkshire-based MBA Engineering – a leading supplier of laser cutting and metal fabrication equipment – has enabled Cook Compression to significantly enhance its laser cutting services.

The precision of the Kimla technology – the machine cuts to an accuracy of 0.03mm – has eliminated the need for Cook Compression’s engineers to utilise additional metal finishing processes in order to effectively complete a project, saving on costs and valuable manpower.

Although two machines have been replaced by one, Cook Compression’s capacity has increased by 30% since the installation of the Kimla machine, enabling the compressor expert to manufacture an increased number of parts more efficiently.

The Kimla technology can also cut metal with a thickness of up to 15mm, enabling Cook Compression to enhance the services it can offer to its customers.

Richard Wignall, managing director of Cook Compression, said: “Since installing the Kimla machine from MBA Engineering, we have experienced unprecedented results. During a recent project, we managed to cut components in two minutes 44 seconds, a tenth of the time it would have taken previously. We were concerned that the speed of the cutting process would affect the quality of the finished product, but we couldn’t have been more wrong – all parts were of superior quality and cut with precision accuracy.

“The service we received from the MBA Engineering team was second to none. The engineers checked in with us regularly, ensuring everything ran smoothly during the installation of the machine – working with MBA Engineering has been a pleasure from start to finish.”

As some of the most efficient fibre laser systems on the market, Kimla machines are up to 50% faster than competitor models and considerably smaller than other systems – meaning valuable factory floor space is saved and costs per square metre are reduced.

Managing director of MBA Engineering, Bradley McBain, commented: “Being able to deliver cost effective metal fabrication solutions to the market is incredibly important to us as a business. We’re proud to say that our customers are at the heart of what we do – and working with Kimla, manufacturers of one of the most innovative laser systems, reinforces our commitment to providing the perfect combination of state-of-the-art technology with outstanding customer service throughout.”

All Kimla parts and consumables are manufactured in-house, resulting in lower repair costs for customers. In addition, the Kimla team can repair 85% of problems remotely, resulting in faster repair and reduced monetary losses.

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