ODU Connectors

ODU are a niche manufacturer of ‘problem-solving’ connectors and assemblies into several markets, especially the military, medical and instrumentation.

Founded in the 1940’s by Otto Dunkel, now a €150m company manufacturing in Germany, Romania, USA, Mexico and China.

ODU’s expertise is in the design and manufacture of rugged circular multipole push-pull connectors and also modular rectangular connectors for industrial automation applications.  

The ODU-AMC® [Advanced Military Connector] is a new generation of circular push-pull and snatch connectors, meeting the needs of the military for ever-higher data-transfer rates in a rugged connector of minimum size. As a long-term supplier to the likes of Thales, Selex and General Dynamics, ODU has based these new connectors on feedback from several Future Soldier trials, as well as many existing programmes,

For instance, In the UK, the Bowman programme has already utilised over 100,000  helmet ‘snatch’ connectors from ODU, so far without a single failure.

More at: www.miniaturemilitaryconnectors.co.uk

Consistent performance and reliability are also crucially important in medical technology. This is why ODU connections are used, for example, in body-scanners and heart-lung machines.

Reliable and robust components are also in demand for mobile medical use, such as for EKG measurements or an intra-oral camera system.

The selection of the right medical connector system is a key factor in ensuring that everything functions flawlessly. Whilst smaller, lighter and cheaper are constant demands, the technical requirements are also ever-tightening:-

  • ISO 13485 approval
  • autoclave-able
  • high number of mating cycles
  • extreme contact stability
  • economical disposable cord-sets, etc.

More at: www.odu-uk.co.uk/application-areas/medical/

In industrial applications, ODU connections are also totally reliable connections – they work at 400°C in drying systems just as reliably as in mobile programming devices operating truck load-cells in Siberian winters.

ODU-MAC® Modular Connectors allow a multiple combination of transfers within one connector – signals, current, data, air, liquid or fiber optic and are available in three product variants.

The ODU-MAC ZERO is a recent addition to ODU’s hybrid connector product line and features a lightweight ergonomic design, high packing density, a variety of coding options and innovative locking technology.

It’s considered a true eye-catcher in the connector market – not least for its sleek and compact housing design – and has already won-over a wide audience, including the jury of the German Design Council who awarded this connector the premium international prize, the 2018 German Design Award which honours innovative products and projects.

More about this connector at: