FANUC launches lightweight robot for small-to-medium paint applications

FANUC UK has extended its family of paint robots with the launch of the light-weight P-40iA intelligent robotic arm.

The latest addition to the range is ideally suited to a wide variety of painting and coating applications, and has a maximum payload and reach of 5kg and 1300mm respectively.

As with all FANUC robots, the P-40iA is manufactured from aluminium, and is designed to seamlessly integrate into an end-user’s paint or power system. Benefiting from the same wrist design as the highly popular FANUC Paint Mate 200iA, the P-40iA provides end-users with the reliability and proven technology synonymous with all FANUC products. It can also easily adapt to small lot sizes and other modifications.

The robot is IP67-rated to adequately protect the internal workings of the arm from any residual paint or coating material, as well as dust and oil mist from the factory working environment. The purged and pressurised arm of the P-40iA is also FM and ATEX Class Div. 1 approved, while the robot benefits from an enclosed riser for cable connections and the purge flow switch.

The inherent versatility of the P-40iA is further enhanced by the model’s slim arm, lightweight design, and various mounting positions, including pedestal, wall, angle and invert. As such, it is the ideal choice for operating environments in which space is at a premium.

The robot is also equipped with FANUC’s new R-30iB Compact Plus Control, complete with the iPendant Touch – a lightweight ergonomic control panel with a touchscreen graphical user interface (GUI). Employing R-30iB base hardware, first-time users can create a program and execute it in just 30 minutes. The control panel also offers a multi-window display for fast access to key information, as well as any in-process modifications to the program. 4D graphics are also available, to bring tool frame settings, safety zones and robot paths to life.

Andy Armstrong, Sales and Marketing Manager at FANUC UK, comments: “Painting and coating applications have long been undertaken using automated technologies, given the time and cost-savings this can generate for end-users. However, many smaller manufacturers – or those with limited floor space – have often been excluded from using automated paint and coating solutions due the lack of compact technology available on the market.

“Given the versatile mounting options and compact arm design, the P-40iA will go a long way towards opening up automated painting and coating applications to those manufacturers who are tight on space. Crucially, despite its compact footprint, the P-40iA offers the same level of robustness, quality and ease-of-use that operators have come to expect from a FANUC robot.”

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