Five of the Best Refrigeration Appliances from Miele

Providing the best possible conditions for preserving the nutritional value of fresh foods, the premium appliance manufacturer, Miele offers a range of energy efficient and stylish fridge freezers which benefit from flexible storage options and lighting for a great user experience.  

Miele KFN29683 D Fridge Freezer – Price Guide £1,999

Available in a sleek black or white glass finish, this A+++ rated fridge freezer benefits from Miele’s PerfectFresh Pro technology, which will help keep ingredients such as fruit, meat and dairy fresher for longer as a secure lid keeps moisture locked in the fridge drawers. Humidity levels in the drawers can be controlled in three stages (indicated by one, two or three drops) and thanks to the exclusive Miele information system, it is easy to determine which level suits which ingredient best. PerfectFresh Pro temperature zones within the fridge are controlled automatically between 0°C – 3°C. This is lower than a standard refrigerator and is the optimum temperature for storing fresh foods that are not sensitive to the cold, like avocados as the deceleration process is slowed down. Keeping sound levels to a minimum is important as refrigerators and freezers are always running. This model is equipped with Miele’s Silence-System, a specially sound-optimised refrigeration circuit with perfectly placed sound buffers, that dramatically reduce noise in critical places. Additional benefits include an extra-large 241L interior for maximum storage capabilities, an active AirClean charcoal filter that helps keep the fridge smelling fresh and adjustable FlexiLight LED glass shelving for ease of use.

Miele KFN37452 iDE Fridge Freezer – Price Guide £2,599

This built-in model boasts an A++ energy rating and a 248L capacity for storing a variety of food and drinks. Dynamic cooling uniformly circulates the air via an integrated fan which optimises humidity and temperature levels within the fridge, keeping ingredients fresh. Exclusive to Miele, FlexiLight LED lighting illuminates the glass shelving and interior with brilliant, unwavering light. Depending on the required storage needs, the shelves can be moved to an alternative position, taking the light with them. What’s more the shelves can also be removed for easy cleaning, simply pop out the lighting rails, remove the required shelf and place in the dishwasher. Wobbles and clinking bottles in the fridge door will be a thing of the past as an innovative SoftClose function means the door will begin to gently close when it is at an angle of less than 30­­ degrees. An automatic ice maker produces up to 100 ice cubes a day without the appliance needing to be plumbed in and thanks to an integrated water container, there is no need for an external connection to a mains water supply.

Miele KFN3769 iDE Fridge Freezer – Price Guide £2,899

Thanks to Miele’s exclusive PerfectFresh Pro technology, this model ensures fruit, vegetables and a variety of dairy products will keep their freshness for up to three to five times longer.  Optimised humidity within the storage drawers regulate moisture whilst an automatically controlled temperature range of 0°C – 3°C will help keep perishable items such as milk and cheese fresh. A VarioRoom storage concept allows for space in the freezer to be arranged to your liking, ideal for storing bulky items such as casserole dishes and baking trays. Additional benefits include DuplexCool. This guarantees the best storage conditions as the refrigerator and freezer sections have separate cooling circuits, ensuring temperatures are kept at optimum levels. Foods refrain from drying out and odours from pungent ingredients such as fish are not transferred to food stored in the freezer as the air is unable to circulate from one section to another.

Miele F1472 Vi Freezer – Price Guide £7,899

Part of Miele’s innovative MasterCool range, this premium freezer model benefits from FrostFree technology, which eradicates the need to defrost the appliance, ever. Cool dry air is evenly distributed throughout the freezer, restricting ice from forming inside the interior and depositing on frozen food. Without layers of ice forming, drawers can always be opened and closed easily. Height adjustable internal containers provide a number of storage options, whilst a Drop & Lock function secures compartments placed inside the door. BrilliantLight means that once open, the freezer is perfectly illuminated by halogen bulbs, lighting up the interior with style. This model provides complete storage space for a range of items and containers, as drawers will pull out to the full depth of the freezer. A MasterCool ice maker is also on hand for additional storage while a water dispenser located in the door provides fresh ice and water at the touch of a button.

Miele KF 1901 Vi Fridge Freezer – Price Guide £8,999

The ultimate appliance for storage and freshness, this efficient A+ rated fridge-freezer is part of Miele’s MasterCool modular range. Innovative MasterFresh drawers will store ingredients at individual micro-climates, providing them with the optimum humidity level and temperature. Simply select the drawer location and type of food from the MasterCool touch pad menu and the appliance will automatically adjust to the required levels. Perfect for storing food and wine at the best possible conditions, intuitive operation helps to create and maintain the environment needed for specific items, perfect for when you are entertaining a large group. A Drop & Lock system ensures the internal structure is easy to navigate as drawers inside the door are unrestricted and height-adjustable, plus a smooth ‘tilt up and slide’ motion will move a shelf higher or lower with ease. Once the required position is located, the shelf will automatically lock into place. Other benefits include Miele’s Frost free technology, Dynamic cooling and DuplexCool.