As demand for stand-up packs continues unabated in the western world, ILAPAK has conceived an innovative bagger that can easily meet customer marketing expectations whilst maximising product shelf-life.

The VT 2000 OF (Open Frame) has the highest seal pressure of any bagger available on the market today. This translates to tight seals and maximum seal integrity on the gusseted bags that are becoming increasingly popular among producers of sweet treats and snacks.

“Whilst stand-up pouches improve a pack’s structural integrity, they introduce a variation in thickness in the seal area that makes them more complex to seal and more susceptible to leaks. The high seal pressure applied by our sealing system guarantees seal integrity on not only gusseted bags, but other vertical styles such as pillow, block bottom and quad packs,” says Andrea Boccolini, VFFS Division Product Manager at ILAPAK.

For bakeries looking for a high level of flexibility from their bagmaker, the VT 2000 OF can switch between these different bag styles in a matter of minutes, with easy and tool-free changeovers.

In addition to the VT 2000 OF’s flexibility, bakery industry customers love the bagger’s accessible open frame design, as this enables fast servicing, maintenance and cleaning. Furthermore, full stainless steel construction with specially treated aluminium parts means this rugged bagger can withstand even the most aggressive cleaning regimes.