Ensure your Business is Exempt from the New Plastics Tax with ImerPlas

ImerPlast UK, one of Europe’s leading polyolefin recyclers, confirm they are very excited by the opportunity the new UK Plastics tax offers. Francisco Millar, General Manager of ImerPlast UK, states that “ImerPlast is uniquely placed to help packaging producers and brands achieve the 30% recycled content or even exceed it to allow them to be exempt from the tax. Indeed, we can help them achieve this now, let alone in 2022, when it is expected to be implemented! Our ImerPlast technology and additive package allows us to match virgin levels of performance on many of our grades.The recent success of the first 100% recycled polymer paint pot, launched by Crown Paints in August and moulded by Emballator, uses our ImerPlast IM30 grade and shows we are one of the most capable and innovative recyclers in Europe

We can help other brands achieve similar success – however, be warned, our first question will be, why stop at 30%?”. IM30 required no significant changes to processing; it is also fully miscible with both PP and PE when further recycled. ImerPlast is the UK’s leading polyolefin recycler for technical applications. The company is a signatory to Operation Clean Sweep and is the only UK polyolefin recycler with EuCertPlas certification. ImerPlast is committed to improving the quality, performance and use of recycled resins in all types of extruded and injected applications and helping customers achieve their sustainability targets

Contacts Tarquin Crouch Technical Services & Market Development Manager – ImerPlast +44 1892 538516 [email protected]