ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has optimised the consumables on its iSeries high-precision plasma systems for plasma bevelling applications. The new design, distinguished by a more pointed nozzle and shield cap, narrows the torch profile to enable tilting the torch at greater angles, moving the torch closer to the plate to maintain optimum arc lengths without collisions.

The ultra-cooled, two-piece iSeries tip gets cooled all the way to the orifice to provide the best cut quality over its complete life span. XtremeLife™ electrodes feature multiple hafnium inserts, which last longer in high current applications to lower cost of ownership. iSeries consumables can save as much as 35% when cutting mild steel and up to 70% on stainless.

To cut a full range of weld preparations, connect the iSeries to the DMX Automated Plasma Beveller. A next-generation beveller, the DMX Beveller utilises a reliable, compact and easy-to-use design. It eliminates the need for breakaway crash protection, delivers responsive, accurate positioning and can detect a torch crash without any added components and automatically resets itself after a collision (view DMX video).

Data Management

ESAB CutCloud, a connected digital system, is now powered by Microsoft Azure IoT. Azure allows for a reliable and secure architecture that sends data from an ESAB CutCloud-enabled system directly to the cloud, eliminating the need for an on-premise server or large IT infrastructure to gain the benefits of data management. Azure also allow for on-premise and hybrid (on-premise/cloud) operation.

ESAB CutCloud, in combination with ESAB’s Columbus® III software (version 1.6 now available), enables users to:

  • Access data remotely from a phone, tablet or PC.
  • See what your machines are doing right now, from anywhere.
  • Measure cutting machine efficiency and productivity.
  • Improve accuracy of quotes for cutting jobs using actual cutting data.
  • Automatically gather productivity data from your cutting machines.
  • Automatically generate customized reports.

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