LEMO is the acknowledged leader in the design and manufacture of precision custom connection solutions. LEMO’s high quality Push-Pull connectors are found in a variety of challenging application environments including medical, automation, industrial control, test and measurement, audio-video and telecommunications.

LEMO has been designing precision connectors for over seven decades. Offering more than 75,000 product combinations that continue to grow in numbers through custom specific designs, LEMO and its affiliated sister companies REDEL, NORTHWIRE and COELVER serve customers in over 80 countries worldwide.

LEMO specialises in the design of standard and customised connector solutions. As a long-established company, LEMO’s prime focus has always been on product quality. In addition to its extensive range of high-end connectors, LEMO offers complete custom solutions, including cables and cable assembly services.  LEMO’s skilled technicians build and test assemblies to the customer’s specifications. LEMO cable assembly services feature: electronic, fibre optic and hybrid connections, 100% testing, small to large volume capacity and overmoulding capabilities. Some of the larger LEMO subsidiaries use modern equipment, such as stripping tools with rotating knives, clipping robots, hydraulic crimp facilities, test units, etc.

LEMO connectors can be used in industrial applications and also for control, articulated manipulator and automation systems. As robotic solutions become increasingly complex, LEMO connectors enable connecting sensors, motors and actuators in an efficient way, even when the cabling layout is very dense. Thanks to the Push-Pull latching system, connectors can be easily mated and un-mated allowing reduced maintenance and installation time.

Serge Buechli, Business Development Manager comments: “LEMO’s wide range of products suits customers who are looking for reliable connectors that can resist extensive wear and use.  If you are a manufacturer of high-end equipment, you don’t want your equipment to break down because of cable and connector accessories. This is why you select high quality components for your design”.

For automation systems, motor controllers and communication networks, LEMO offers a range of  high-speed circular connectors in the 2B, 2K, and 2T series that is suitable for Category 6A.


– Transmission performance meets Category 6A specification up to 500 MHz for 10 GigaBit Ethernet transmission according IEEE802.3an.

– Push-Pull connector

– IP50 or IP68 solution

– For cable diameters from 3.2 to 9.9 mm

– Designed for AWG 22 and  AWG 24 (AWG 26 for shorter cable distance)

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