Conduit Range Helps Keep Rail Infrastructure On Track

Although just one component in a complex transport network, cable conduits play a significant role in maintaining safety and reliability on our railways. Conduits protect a multitude of cables in the broadest range of applications and within many challenging environments.



Our rail transport network is vast and cables are the arteries that connect many parts of the infrastructure including signalling, points systems, lighting, security systems communications, not to mention the wide range of applications on board rolling stock. It is essential therefore that these cables are provided with the highest levels of protection if safety and reliability standards are to be achieved.

(Buttkereit offer a comprehensive range of cable conduit products, including rail sector approved variants)

Protective conduits fulfil a crucial role in the protection of cables of all types and for demanding applications, such as those found in the rail sector these items must meet all of the rigorous standards required.



Buttkereit Limited are the UK distributors for the FLEXA range of cable conduits and have available a comprehensive selection of rail sector approved products that are certified to the latest European Standard EN45545 Part 2 and Part 3.

The FLEXA products designed for rail sector applications prove themselves not only in terms of reliable mechanical protective standards but also in terms of their excellent fire protection properties. They are fire-retardant, free from halogens, and contain a minimum of pollutants, therefore meeting the strict requirements of the European and International Railway Standards relating to Reaction to Smoke and Fire.

The full conduit range covers corrugated plastic, protective metal, liquid tight protective metal and special protective conduits including braided variants. An ongoing collaboration between FLEXA and specialist institutions around the world ensures that the product range continues to meet or exceed the standards demanded by the industry.

Buttkereit Limited will be showcasing the FLEXA cable conduit range, together with a wide selection of other cable management products, at the forthcoming RAILTEX show at the NEC in Birmingham between the 14th and 16th May 2019. Company representatives will be on hand throughout the show to offer advice on customer’s specific applications.

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