Since 1942 hundreds of customers have discovered the power of sharing their ideas and concepts with Dudley Industries and watched their products rolling out of the plant after full scale production.

Whatever stage your products are at, there’s a team you can have at your disposal. As part of Rentokil, you can tap into the expertise and resources of a FTSE100 listed company.  Beyond the external auditing and accreditations to ISO9001:2015, the team here work within a culture that delivers exemplary products within a safe environment to meet your specifications.

We are renowned for our high quality and partnering with businesses across different sectors including instrumentation companies, printing and packaging, transport and infrastructure.

We can help you take your ideas through to amazing products using the latest technology and proven production techniques including laser cutting and robotic finishing.  Combined with in house tool making facilities, punch and etching machines directly linked to the CAD system, CNC controlled folding machines and a variety of presses and rolling machines we have an environment that ensures maximum accuracy and flexibility.

CASE STUDY – Enclosures, when bespoke is best

Whilst an ‘off the shelf’ enclosure may look the best value do you find you then have to make too many adjustments to make it work?  Often a bespoke enclosure may prove more cost effective.

We found that many of our customers faced too many compromises when using standard enclosures, internal space was limited, the access points weren’t where they needed to be as well as limiting their own brand presence.

Bespoke often conjures up expensive but at DI we operate a lean manufacturing process that ensures efficient throughput that works to reduce lead times and help to keep costs down.

We are currently working with major businesses providing bespoke enclosures for equipment ranging from high end scientific laboratory instrumentation through to parts for the transport infrastructure.  We have experience of manufacturing vending machines, in line printing equipment, CCTV camera housings, security boxes, medical waste boxes, pest control products, to name but a few.

So, before you compromise on a standard enclosure, consider how a bespoke solution may be ideal for your project whilst helping to make installation and servicing easier.  It might also be more cost effective and provide a longer term solution. 

Where do you want to take your ideas today?

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