Pan head screws with 6-lobe ˜ ISO 7380

Made of natural nylon, this new range is available from M4 to M8, lengths 6 to 60 mm
depending on the diameter. These screws are used when a wider bearing surface or
smoother, more finished appearance is desired, or in material too thin to
accommodate a countersunk head. Due to their head geometry, Pan head screws with
6-lobe are designed for light fastening applications.The 6-lobe footprint offers many advantages:

➢ It ensures a good alignment of the tool and enables the use of automatic,
electric tools.
➢ It allows an optimal force transmission since the driving force is transmitted by
the surfaces and not by the edges.
➢ No “came out” effect (tool removal during assembly) known with cruciform
➢ Internationally recognized 6-lobe footprints.

Like all our products, our polyamide fasteners are distinguished from metal screws by
their light weight, stainless and electrically non-conductive nature. The excellent
thermal properties and good mechanical resistance of the polyamide make these
screws resistant to shocks.

In addition to nylon, BÜLTE offers this range in PP, PE, PVDF, and PC on request,
materials that are also stainless and therefore resistant to diluted acids, fats, oils,
alcohol or petrol.

Optionally available: glass-fibre reinforced nylon. This polyamide combines mechanical
performance with long-term durability and is an ideal solution for highly stressed parts
requiring shock absorption.

Our business managers will assist you from design to implementation, and help you
make the right choice. Free quotes and samples on request.