Whilst Donghua’s name won’t be appearing on the ballot paper in the UK’s forthcoming general election, customers can still vote for a chain manufacturer they can trust by choosing Donghua.

Donghua Limited is the subsidiary of the Hangzhou Donghua Chain Group which produces in excess of 40 million metres of finished chain per year and designs three new chains per day. They have launched their own Manifesto which sets out their commitment to address key priorities which they feel are important to their customers.

Covering six key areas, the Manifesto explains how Donghua will:

  1. Guarantee innovation & high performance chain solutions
  2. Pledge not to sell to end-users
  3. Support their network of Product Partners & Stockists
  4. Maintain a huge UK stockholding of popular chain and sprocket products post Brexit
  5. Grow their UK manufacture of bespoke Attachment Chain and Special Chain
  6. Continue to fight to protect the UK from inferior chain supply

Read their full Manifesto at

Located in Wolverhampton, Donghua is celebrating 10 years in the UK and has become one of the country’s leading chain suppliers, offering a range of high performance chain and sprockets sold through a network of suppliers across the UK and Ireland.

If you’re looking for a chain supplier you can trust, vote for Donghua.