Powered door closing force and impact energy gauge available from Ixthus Instrumentation

Now available with full support from Ixthus Instrumentation, the Centrax 2020 provides manufacturers and operators of elevators, safety guards and other powered door equipped machinery with a compact, portable and effective solution for door closing force and impact energy measurement. Manufactured in UK by Daventry-based Centrax and developed with major lift manufacturers, the self-contained 2020 is an indispensable instrument for machinery protection tasks and is specifically designed to measure the forces and closing impact energy exerted by power operated doors.

The micro-powered 2020 has two main functions: As an applied force gauge with a range between 100 and 1000 N, measurements against a built-in spring resistance in the nose of the instrument are presented on a 4 digit display. If an initial impact with an energy value greater than 1.5 J is detected, the device automatically switches to its energy mode with a recording range up to 14 J. The maximum impact energy value is held in the display for approximately ten seconds before returning to the force mode. Separate blue LEDs on the instrument signal the measurement mode.
The Centrax 2020 is a compact hand-held instrument with an overall length of 340 mm and a diameter of 30 mm. The 12 V battery powered device has an automatic power-up mode, activated when the measurement nose is lightly touched, and power down if inactive for more than 10 minutes. A protective case is supplied that effectively closes the light source to maintain power-off when stored. Battery life is rated at around 1500 operations or two years – a service and re-calibration procedure includes battery replacement.
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