White Light Source with 450 Lumens

Luminance: 1000 Mcd/m²

With the LaserLight SMD, LASER COMPONENTS offers a particularly powerful white light source for directional light. The technology of the US manufacturer SLD Laser enables extremely efficient semiconductor-based lighting solutions even for small form factors.With more than 1000 Mcd/m², the luminance of the 7mm SMD chip is about ten times higher than that of ordinary white LEDs. A star-shaped connection pad with an integrated heat sink ensures that the component can be easily integrated on different circuit boards. With a 35mm optic, directional light can be generated with beam angles of 2° or less.

LASER COMPONENTS also successfully uses the LaserLight SMD as a light source for the award-winning ALBALUX modules.

Further information https://www.lasercomponents.com/uk/product/laserlight-surface-mount-devices/