Medium Pressure Gas Regulators – J125s from Honeywell

We have been supplying the Honeywell J125 for many years now, the J125 sits within the industrial range of gas regulators that we can supply, and of course, it lives up to Honeywell’s high-quality expectations. The J125 Regulator from Honeywell is used where accurate pressure control is required, often used for industrial pressure reducing, district distribution, and metering stations.

The Honeywell J125 has a maximum inlet pressure of 8.6 Bar and is available in sizes from 20mm up to 50mm. The J125 can also be supplied with built-in Over Pressure and Under Pressure Shut Off (OPSO/UPSO) to protect equipment downstream of the regulator. Should the outlet pressure reach a certain point that trips off either the OPSO or UPSO, then the regulator will slam shut to impede Gas flow. Once the system is pressurised back to the design conditions, the regulator can be reset manually to allow Gas to flow through again.

The J125 can also have a full or limited capacity relief valve incorporated into the assembly as an additional safety feature which would then need to be connected to the atmosphere. It gives exceptional consistency of operation and an unrivaled insensitivity to nuisance tripping.

All units are suitable for natural, liquefied petroleum and manufactured gases. The inlet pressures into the Regulator can run as low as 70mbar and, depending on the orifice installed, the maximum inlet pressure can be as high as 8.6bar. The outlet pressures available from the J125 range are between 5-140mbar for the smaller 20 & 25mm models, and 8.8-350mbar for the larger 40 & 50mm sizes. There are numerous springs within these ranges, so do get in touch if you require any assistance on sizing these Regulators for your application.