Innovative Horizontal and Vertical Monorail System

Quirepace are the UK agents for the innovative products from Telelift Logistic GmbH. The long-established Unicar product, which has been developed over the last 30+ years, has more recently been supplemented by the heavier duty Multicar system which, with its higher payload,  is opening up new industrial markets.

Unicar and Multicar are network monorail track systems with autonomous trolleys or cars which can move anywhere on the track network. The track can be installed horizontally, vertically and at any gradient.

The original Unicar system’s traditional markets are Healthcare and Libraries with payloads up to 15kg. Multicar operates in a similar manner, with the same control software, but in a heavier duty configuration. Multicar trolleys can carry payloads up to 45kg, making the system much more suitable for industrial processes for e.g. parts delivery to production lines, collection of output from injection moulders and small-pressings, and as part of the production line itself.

Multicar can be equipped with highly customised load handling devices for many different sizes, shapes and weights of payload. In automotive applications Multicar delivers bumper assemblies and door panels to the production line.

The Unicar and Multicar tracks carry both data and power on a busbar system. The trolleys are friction driven on horizontal track sections, making them extremely safe in operation, and convert to rack and pinion on climbs.

The ability to transport payloads both horizontally and vertically without any requirement to transfer the payload to a separate lifting mechanism delivers an innovative and extremely flexible intralogistics solution. Both Unicar and Multicar can be routed at high level and within service areas where the track can be kept well away from production floors and other logistics systems, only dropping to load/unload areas in the immediate vicinity of the process to be served.

Both Unicar and Multicar transactions can be initiated either through HMI (touchscreen terminals) or integrated with SCADA and WMS for automated control. Interface with other automated systems, such as automated load/unload stations is easily delivered through local PLC interfaces. The trolleys themselves also present both power and digital I/O for sophisticated load handling systems if required.

A feature of both Unicar and Multicar is the ability to keep the payload perfectly horizontal during transportation, no matter whether the trolley is moving horizontally or vertically. This can be achieved either using a gravity pendulum system or a dynamic powered solution.

Like any road system, the track network is configured to deliver the traffic handling requirement of the customer. Many cars or trolleys can be active on the network simultaneously, with one and two way tracks supplemented by switches, the layouts are configured for maximum efficiency.

Both Unicar and Multicar are well established solutions in Europe and beyond and are now available in the UK through Quirepace. Contact us today and find out more about these innovative and flexible systems.

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