Convince new customers with virtual Trade Shows

Trade shows or exhibitions often take place virtually – also due to the current situation. An impressive presentation of the exhibition stand is therefore very important in order to convince prospective customers to a virtual walk. With the new product DOSCH 3D: Trade Show & Exhibitions V2 designers have the possibility to create virtual trade shows or exhibitions and showcase their products and services perfectly in photorealistic quality.

DOSCH DESIGN – Your innovative partner for a successful 3D-experience

Since 1995 DOSCH DESIGN has been a fixture in quality CG products by staying on the cutting edge in 3D-design, animation, architectural visualizations or motion design. With its well-diversified product range DOSCH DESIGN supports 3D- and marketing experts in their daily work. Especially in the field of Automation, Mechanical Engineering or the automotive industry, 3D-Design has become an indispensable element.

Helpful visualization tools for designers and CAD experts

DOSCH DESIGN offers a variety of helpful visualization tools that make life easier for CAD experts and designers and have become an integral part of many users’ creative arsenal. Textures, HDRIs,  Viz Images or High-quality 3D models directly importable in OBJ and FBX formats are a great enrichment.

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