Modular all-in-one industrial PCs for a broad range of applications

With its all-in-one solutions (AIO), Phoenix Contact offers industrial PCs with a completely closed die-cast aluminum housing (IP65), which are ideally suited for modern operating concepts due to their powerful technology, modular extendibility, and integrated Profisafe functionality. The latest sensor generation makes it possible to operate the screen even when wearing thick gloves. The glass surface increases the robustness of the capacitive technology with regard to aggressive cleaning agents and sharp objects.

Displays with full HD resolution offered in 15.6-inch, 18.5-inch and 21.5-inch versions facilitate the visualization of simple sequences up to complex production processes, while specific details can be displayed via gesture control. The AIO devices contain powerful Intel Core i5 processors so that they are capable of implementing tasks that are very demanding, such as machine control, process visualization, or quality assurance. Despite the high-performing CPUs, the industrial PCs are designed to be fanless, which increases their range of applications and the system availability.

The AIO devices are space-saving, as their completely closed housings eliminate the need for additional casings. The screw holes on the rear of the housing are dimensioned according to the VESA-100 standard, which makes it possible to mount the device directly to the machine or system. It is also possible to install the device on a support arm or stand using the appropriate rear cover. Upon request, a keyboard module can be used to expand the industrial PCs by up to 11 buttons or switches, which can be used for USB connections, key switches, or other functions. If the user would like to incorporate the operating solution into an existing Profinet network, a gigabit-capable switch with Profinet and Profisafe function is available to forward the data. A signal light can also be easily integrated into the operating concept.

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