Are you realising your sensors’ potential?  – UNLOCK your Industry 4 sensing potential

Are you realising your sensors’ potential? – Contrinex’s NEW SMART SENSORS brochure📘 explains how this new class of Inductive🧲 sensors can help you Measure📏, Monitor🔍, Configure💻 and Predict🔮 – UNLOCK your Industry 4 sensing potential – Download📥 at

Contrinex Smart Sensors have been designed with the needs of OEMs and System Integrators in mind – They have the answers when it comes to reducing complexity and cost.

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By implementing multiple sensing modes into a single sensor, Contrinex has given designers undreamt-of freedom, offering exceptional versatility and simplified integration.

Let Contrinex Smart Sensors supercharge your IoT strategy; enjoy all the advantages of the industry-standard IO-Link SSP 3.3 interface, plus the option of high-speed sensor-based decision-making using SIO. The only limit is your imagination…

The Smart sensors also feature in Contrinex ‘s 2021 catalogue at

PLUS Automation Ltd can help you #MakeSenseofSensors using Contrinex Inductive🧲, Photoelectric🔦, Ultrasonic🦇, RFID📻 & Machine Safety👷 sensors.