Monitor your fuel management effectively

Perhaps the most particular and costly expense in your fleet budget is the management of fuel. This constant challenge is more stressful now as the cost of fuel inevitably rises as lockdown eases. 

In the first days of June this year, the average pump price per litre for petrol is 129.3 p, and diesel is 131.7 p. Consequentially, official data released by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy shows road fuels have increased almost 150% since the beginning of the year.

Increasingly important for your business will be fuel cards that can help to reduce the cost of fuel, and here is how. For example, fleet managers can add caps on the spending amount, and it is also possible to select specific petrol stations and services where drivers can use the cards. This overview means journeys can be planned more efficiently and costs calculated accurately.

Of greater consequence, another advantage of giving fuel cards to your drivers is that all the transactions can get registered on a single invoice, which saves time chasing staff for receipts and input data. These invoices are also recognised and approved by the HMRC.

Furthermore, carrying fuel cards means drivers can access fuel whenever they need it to give both employers and their employees’ peace of mind. This ability is incredibly comforting when we are all faced with many other challenges at this time of year.

Ultimately, whether you have one or thousands of vehicles on the road, FLEETMAXX SOLUTIONS can help reduce your running costs with discounted diesel and petrol fuel cards. We offer many options to suit how your business runs with fuel cards that are welcome throughout the nation saving drivers up to 10p per litre on national average pump prices.

Likewise, many fuel cards offer loyalty schemes and discounts and are accepted all over the country. You can compare the services each card has to offer at We look forward to becoming your ‘trusted partner’.