New AC charging cables for charging current up to 48 A

The Charx connect mode-3 charging cable product family from Phoenix Contact is expanding. For the North American e-mobility market, UL-certified AC charging cables with a rated current capacity of 48 A are now available for the first time. With it, customers attain charging powers of up to 12 kW with a lean cable diameter of only 14.5 mm. Well-known US automobile manufacturers are extending their vehicles’ onboard chargers to 48 A so that the maximum charging power can also be tapped on the vehicle side.

While higher charging powers can be attained by using three phases under the European type-2 charging standard, in North America only one-phase grids are available. As a result, increasing the current strength is the only option for achieving practicable charging power.

The signal wires integrated into the charging cable allow the charging station to access the charging connector’s CS signal, which in turn allows it to detect the actuation state of the locking lever. The charging connectors are also available with a company logo upon request. The new charging cables also feature an ergonomic, appealing design, a modern design vocabulary, and robust, high-quality materials.

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