Leading industrial digitalisation at Leeds Digital Festival

~ Specialist sessions target application of digital technologies in manufacturing and utilities ~

Industrial software provider Novotek UK and Ireland will host two sessions during this year’s Leeds Digital Festival, from September 20–October 1, 2021. The virtual sessions aim to educate engineers and business leaders in manufacturing and utilities on the role of digital technologies in Leeds’s growing industrial sector — which Novotek recently joined.

Novotek will focus its sessions on the topics of data analytics for industrial operations and visualisation for industrial asset reliability. The first session, on Tuesday 21 September at 10:30am, will offer practical advice for manufacturers and utilities operators looking to improve management of industrial data platforms and analytics.

The second session, taking place at 10:30am on Tuesday 28 September, will explore the importance of data analytics and visualisation in asset reliability management. In particular, the session will highlight why the best solution is a strong data framework and a setup featuring fewer software applications and more data inputs.

Both sessions will aim to provide practical guidance to engineers and industrial business leaders, based on the average standard of technological advancement and in-house skills that Novotek’s team typically encounters.

“Digital technologies are now just as applicable to industrial operations as they are to professional services and back-office environments,” explained Chris Wilson, application consultant at Novotek UK and Ireland and presenter of the September 21 session. “However, the process for implementing these technologies into industrial operations is often more challenging, due to data siloes and available skills.

“When we think of terms like artificial intelligence and predictive analysis, we often think that they require a particularly advanced set of IT skills. In reality, the use of those technologies in industrial applications can be facilitated by the skills that most engineers and industrial IT teams have.

“The challenge tends to come from getting industrial data systems in a state that allows those tools to be applied effectively. Our sessions take two distinct approaches to addressing this, both of which aim to leave viewers with something practical they can go and act on — whether that is to adjust their data strategies and consolidate systems, or to plan the best investment.”

More information on Novotek’s sessions is available on the Leeds Digital Festival website or Novotek’s Eventbrite. Industrial business leaders and engineers in the manufacturing and utilities sectors can register for the free sessions here (September 21) and here (September 28).