Leap Into The Future Of UV Curing With The All – New OMNICURE® S2000 Elite

Jenton UV introduces lamp-based UV spot curing system from Excelitas with increased functionality and precision for medical device applications

Jenton UV (www.jenton.co.uk) has announced the launch of the next generation OmniCure® S2000 Elite Spot Curing System from Excelitas Technologies. Designed for demanding medical device applications that require the most reliable and highest quality curing process for needles, catheters, tube sets, cannulas and reservoirs, the S2000 Elite improves productivity, upgrades security, enables next level control and refines usability.

The original OmniCure S2000 UV Spot Curing has been the industry leader in precision assembly with light cured adhesives for nearly 20 years. The new OmniCure S2000 Elite maintains the same exceptional curing performance as the original OmniCure S2000 while adding an entirely new toolset to improve productivity, usability and security.

Maintaining the same level of excellence in ultraviolet curing while ensuring compatibility with existing curing processes, the new S2000 Elite uses the same 200W Hg lamp, with an identical spectral output, the same selection of optical filters and the same liquid and high-power fiber light guides as the original S2000.

The S2000 Elite is fully compatible with the OmniCure R2000 radiometer and its radiometry accessories. Direct drop-in replacement of the original S2000 systems with PLC integration is possible with an External PLC adapter offered as an optional accessory.

The PLC adaptor converts the S2000 Elite 50-pin expansion port into two DB15 signal ports and one DB9 signal port, identical to the ones found at the back of the original S2000.

The OmniCure S2000 Elite features a high-resolution 4.3” diagonal LCD touchscreen with wide-angle viewing for enhanced navigation and visibility into key system parameters and settings. Its new advanced graphical user interface (UI) enables intuitive control and configuration changes available right at the user’s fingertips.

Remote control and monitoring can be achieved with the WEB UI from almost any web-enabled device. A new high-speed shutter with 30 ms response time ensures the precise dose for any application every time.

Combining the tried-and-tested Close-Loop-Feedback 200W Hg lamp with the latest communication technologies, the S2000 Elite can tackle the most demanding UV curing applications in the era of Industry 4.0.

The S2000 Elite is available as a stand-alone or a kitted system. New accessories are available along with field replaceable Lamps and Optical Bandpass Filters. All currently available OmniCure light guides and radiometric accessories are fully compatible with the S2000 Elite.