New – UKAS Humidity & Temperature Calibration

Young Calibration continues to expand its’ ISO/IEC 17025:2017 UKAS accredited calibration services, emphasising the medical, pharmaceutical, and environmental instrumentation sectors. Recent upgrades include the addition of relative humidity, dew point and temperature calibration services.

UKAS Accredited Humidity and Dew Point Calibration were recently obtained to further support the pharmaceutical and environmental monitoring sectors. Young Calibration was approved for its extension to accredited scope for dew point temperature calibration from -20 to 70°C and relative humidity from 5 to 95% across a temperature range of 0 to 60°C. Customers can now benefit from complete system calibrations for indoor air quality meters (IQA), ventilator analysers, thermo-hygrometers and weather stations. 

UKAS Accredited Temperature Calibration is also a new addition to the accredited services available, specifically for the Calibration of resistive temperature probes, thermocouples, liquid baths and dry block calibrators. The laboratory covers a range from -40 to 200°C. System measurements are derived from multiple secondary reference probes and stirred liquid baths, with a CMC available from ± 0.05°C across the 0 to 200°C temperature range. Additional air probe calibrations can be undertaken in a controlled environment air chamber from 0 to 60°C, with a CMC from 0.19°C. 

UKAS Accredited Air Velocity Calibration services continue to be supplied by the UK’s leading accredited laboratory, with open-jet and enclosed Eiffel-design wind tunnels utilising Laser Doppler Anemometry. Young Calibration can conduct cross-correlation comparisons and blockage corrections for a range of air velocity devices. With complete system parameter calibrations for temperature, barometric pressure, differential pressure and humidity, Young Calibration is a solution for all anemometer types, including ultrasonic, hotwire thermo-anemometers, rotating vane, rotating cup and pitot tube probes. The extensive laboratory offers an accredited velocity range of 0.05 to 80 m/s, with a measurement uncertainty as low as ±0.15%.

UKAS Onsite Calibration covering mainland, offshore and remote outposts worldwide, calibrations are available for absolute and gauge pressure, relative humidity, temperature, frequency, resistance, voltage, current and temperature simulation. Young Calibration also offers traceable services with calibration engineers experienced in a range of instruments installed within production lines, manufacturing plants, medical service centres and test houses.

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