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We all want our rail transport to be reliable, economical and environmentally friendly. To make this happen the intelligent use of the product, operating and maintenance data is required. The prerequisite for this is the placement of a data matrix code on the bearings.

In many cases, the reconditioning of railway bearings presents a worthwhile alternative to bearing replacement at fixed intervals. It usually saves time, reduces maintenance costs and creates less impact on the environment. As part of Schaeffler’s bearing reconditioning service, the option of adding an international GS1 standard data matrix code (DMC) to railway bearings that are already in operation is also offered. We use the same permanently readable laser engraving with which brand-new railway bearings from Schaeffler can also be supplied. The DMC enables you to start digitizing your fleet immediately or to expand it further. 

Reconditioning means sustainability
Worldwide, we offer professional reconditioning services for rolling bearings from a wide range of industries such as the railway, wind power, and raw material sectors. Together with our customers, we therefore make an important contribution to environmental protection. Compared with newly manufactured bearings, the reconditioning of axlebox bearings saves around 96 per cent in CO₂ emissions, as Schaeffler’s ecological assessment clearly shows. On a goods train with 80 wagons and two locomotives and therefore 1296 railway bearings, this equates to a saving of 133 tonnes of CO2, 481 MWh of energy and 1767 m³ of water.

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