TB&C Joins Delta Electronics as Acquisition Complete #TB&C #EVComponents #AutomotiveTechnology #SustainableMobility

TB&C announced today the completion of the Company’s acquisition by Delta, a global leading provider of power and thermal management solutions. With a strong focus on innovation, Delta has successfully developed EV powertrain solutions for global major automotive companies, as well as automotive magnetic components, passive components and thermal management solutions. TB&C develops industry-leading hybrid technologies for mechanical components applied in automotive, industrial, and medical applications. The transaction is expected to generate generate substantial synergies by leveraging both companies’ R&D and manufacturing resources to accelerate their overall EV business expansion

Robert van der Weck, CEO of TB&C, said, “E-mobility is the key strategic segment of our hybrid components and drives our sustainable growth going forward. In our focus areas in e-mobility, Delta’s Component Business Group’s outstanding electronics components have been widely recognized by global automotive companies. We are happy to join Delta and believe the complementarity between Delta and TB&C in technologies will create synergies in developing innovative product offerings with higher added-value for our customers. Moreover, Delta’s capabilities in smart manufacturing and its economic scale will definitively enhance our overall competitiveness.”

After the acquisition, TB&C continue to operate under its existing executive management team. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta, it is expected that TB&C’s leading technologies will be integrated with Delta’s Component Business Group’s automotive component product lines to expand its EV product offerings, such as applications for EV battery management system (BMS).