Kardex: Paving the way for the Future of Work in Intralogistics for Ergonomics and Safety

“Tackling the present challenges requires more than just innovative solutions; it demands a steadfast commitment to enhancing the safety, comfort, and overall well-being of the workforce,” Tobias Flury, Head of Technology at Kardex.

Introduction: In a world grappling with talent shortages and the lingering effects of Brexit and the pandemic, Kardex, a leading provider of intralogistics solutions, is paving the way for innovative, safe, and more ergonomic warehouse operations.

Addressing the Talent Shortage: With various factors contributing to a persistent talent shortage, Kardex recognises the need to influence the logistics industry positively. By offering solutions that enhance working conditions, Kardex aims to make warehouse operators more comfortable, confident in their training, and view their work as less manual and more intellectual. This approach helps attract and retain skilled workers in an industry facing a shortage of qualified personnel.

The Importance of Ergonomics and Safety in Intralogistics:

Intralogistics involves the movement, storage, and handling of materials, component and finished product. With growing emphasis on efficiency and productivity, it’s crucial to prioritise the well-being of workers in this fast -paced environment. Workers in intralogistics are often engaged in physically demanding tasks, such as lifting heavy loads, operating machinery and manoeuvring in confined spaces. Studies have shown that poor ergonomics and safety practices can lead to increased worker injuries, reduced productivity and even long-term health issues.

By addressing the challenges faced by the logistics industry, Kardex aims to retain and develop a diverse and technically minded workforce. We explore the current industry challenges and present Kardex’s solutions for the future, including automation and other technologies.

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Ergonomically Designed Workstations:

Kardex understands that a well-designed workstation can make a world of difference. They invest in ergonomics to ensure that employees can perform their tasks comfortably and without unnecessary strain. Adjustable work surfaces, proper lighting and easy to access to tools and materials are just some of the features that Kardex incorporates to enhance worker well-being.

Intelligent Assistance Systems:

To minimise the risk of accidents and maximise efficiency, Kardex integrates intelligent assistance systems into their intralogistics solutions. These systems use advanced technology, such as sensors and automation, to support workers in their tasks. By reducing manual handling and providing real-time feedback, Kardex ensures a safer working environment.

Automation as a Solution: Warehouses worldwide are grappling with challenges such as high costs, workforce fluctuations, and underqualified workers. Automation is emerging as a modern solution to address these issues, with an expected adoption rate of nearly 80% within the next five years. Kardex has one of the largest ranges of automated storage and retrieval systems with add-ons, including the Kardex Color Pick System, Kardex Intuitive Picking Assistant, and Kardex Connect. These solutions provide high-compact storage, accurate inventory control, accelerated picking, and improved fulfilment. By reducing physical and mental pressure on employees, particularly new and temporary workers, Kardex enhances ergonomics, efficiency, and safety while decreasing training time.

Commitment to Workforce Well-being: According to Tobias Flury, Head of Technology at Kardex, “Tackling present challenges requires more than just innovative solutions; it demands a steadfast commitment to enhancing the safety, comfort, and overall well-being of the workforce. Kardex aims to transform warehouse work from a manual endeavour to an intellectual pursuit. By streamlining intralogistics operations and uplifting the essence of warehouse work, Kardex aims to create a more fulfilling and engaging work environment.”

Looking towards the future:  The advancements made by Kardex in ergonomics and safety are not only beneficial to their employees but also inspire the entire intralogistics industry to prioritise worker well-being. By prioritising worker well-being and incorporating innovative solutions, Kardex is setting a high standard for intralogistics and warehouse managers can refer to Kardex’s report to gain greater insights into current challenges, upcoming trends, and the requirements for a productive warehouse of the future.

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