What’s the best connector for PV systems?

Photovoltaic systems, also known as PV systems, have become increasingly important around the world. Using solar cells to convert sunlight into electricity, these devices are essential to the pursuit of renewable energy resources.

As PV systems increase in power output, and with many countries and markets expanding their investment in photovoltaics, we can expect the demand for safe and efficient PV systems to accelerate even further in the coming years.

Ensuring there are innovative PV connectors available to support this increase in power and installation quantity is a vital step. Fortunately, companies like Weidmuller are changing the game with industry-leading connector solutions.


Snap-in PV connectors: no crimping necessary

The internationally-renowned German brand Weidmuller was already popular for its range of PV system components and tools, designed to simplify installations with easy and quick application while ensuring high quality and performance.

However, previous PV connectors required a crimp connection. Though their specialist tools and twist protection made the process as smooth as possible, this still involved extra steps when manually installing PV systems in the field.

Now, Weidmuller is revolutionising the sector by introducing their SNAP IN technology to PV connectors. No crimping contacts or tools are needed – the PV-Stick simply snaps into place to secure a crimp-free connection.

With an ergonomic grip and audible click on connection, you can guarantee fast and simple assembly with no wasted time or effort.


Making fast installations secure and effective

Fully compliant with IEC 62852 safety standards, while saving up to 50% of standard installation time, the Weidmuller PV-Stick is the PV connector of the future.

Instead of risking assembly errors with crimp connections, which must be faultless for the PV system to perform to its fullest, snap-in connections make it easy to achieve a reliable connection, even when working in challenging field conditions.

No wire end ferrule is needed to insert the stripped conductor – when you push it into the contact opening, the spring mechanism will ensure the connection clicks right into place. Simply twist the screw cap a few times to secure it, and you’re done!

So, if you’re looking to increase efficiency and minimise error during the assembly of advanced photovoltaic systems, look no further than Weidmuller, available at Northern Connectors. You can’t go wrong with their proven quality and cutting-edge technology.

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