ULMA Packaging flow wrapper solution improves productivity at Victor Pizza

A flow wrapper solution from leading packaging machinery manufacturer, ULMA Packaging, has significantly improved Victor Pizza’s productivity and efficiency. Known for its innovative and high-quality pizza products since the 1970s, Victor Pizza has grown to become a major supplier to the UK food service industry, providing a diverse range of pizza options, including healthier alternatives.

Victor Pizza faced substantial challenges with its previous packaging machinery, which was unreliable and inefficient. The issues resulted in high waste levels and frequent breakdowns, creating a bottleneck that hindered the company’s ability to meet customer expectations and manage waste effectively. Recognising the need to upgrade its production capabilities, Victor Pizza leveraged an established relationship with ULMA Packaging for a solution that could seamlessly integrate into its expanding operations.

Following a visit to ULMA UK’s headquarters to observe the capabilities of the latest machinery first-hand, Victor Pizza decided to invest in ULMA’s Sienna Flow Wrapper. Susan Knox, bakery manager at Victor Pizza, said: “We were impressed by the innovation at ULMA’s facilities, which made it clear they understood our needs for scalability and efficiency.”

Since installation, the Sienna Flow Wrapper has brought numerous benefits to Victor Pizza’s production line. Waste production has been cut by up to 95%, significantly improving operational efficiency and sustainability. And by reducing the amount of air in each pack, the flow wrapper allows for more pizzas per box, fitting 14 pizzas in a case that previously held 12. This maximises space and delivers substantial savings on boxing and transportation costs. The new packaging is also easier for customers to open, improving the end-user experience. The Sienna Flow Wrapper operates reliably, minimising downtime and increasing throughput. Furthermore, the machine’s user-friendly design has helped boost staff morale, making the production process more enjoyable and efficient.

“Compared to our old system, the new one is like night and day – our team is excited to be working with such high-performing equipment,” added Knox. “Working with ULMA again was an easy decision; their technology and support have transformed our operations, making a significant impact on our efficiency and product quality. We’re excited about our future with ULMA as we expand and continue to innovate.”

James Couldwell, managing director of ULMA Packaging UK, said: “We are delighted to have partnered with Victor Pizza once again. Their commitment to quality and innovation aligns perfectly with our values at ULMA. Our goal is to provide solutions that not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations. The success of the Sienna Flow Wrapper at Victor Pizza is a testament to our dedication to advancing packaging technology and supporting our clients’ growth.”