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A range of drop-in replacements for 3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluids from EnviroTech Europe

In December 2022, 3M™ announced their plans to stop producing per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)
in its product line by the end of 2025. This phase-out affects the following 3M™ product lines:

3M™ Novec™ Engineered Fluids
3M™ Fluorinert™ Electronic Liquids

EnviroTech Europe can offer replacements with our ProSolv® range.

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For MQTT smarter is better

The broad range of Industrial IoT applications demands that MQTT get smarter. What if an MQTT broker could do more than just blindly pass along data?

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The Importance of Data Analysis: A Brief Overview

Almost every business operating today deals with data in one form or another, and one of the biggest tasks when it comes to data is analysis. Data analysis refers to the process whereby data is processed to produce relevant insights that the business can use. Why is data analysis so important?

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Top tech trends dominating the manufacturing industry

Writing a piece like this can be difficult for a number of reasons, mainly because the needs of manufacturers are vastly different from business to business. That being said, there are a number of common trends we are seeing with our customers that are applicable across the entire manufacturing sector, no matter the size of the company or the output. I will be outlining what we have seen at SolutionsPT as the major trends moving forward for manufacturers but I’m also very keen to hear your thoughts.

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Ceratizit Launches New PolyClamp Verso for Simple and Precise Clamping Solutions

Ceratizit understands the need for flexible part clamping solutions, particularly when loading multi-axis machines with a wide variety of workpieces. Already offering a comprehensive range of clamping solutions, their new PolyClamp Verso enables machinists to overcome even the trickiest of loading scenarios.

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Mascot Introduces its 4040 NiMH Professional Quality Battery Charger - for 6 to 40 NiMH Battery Cells

Microcontroller with smart charge logic maximises battery cells performance Norwegian power design expert Mascot AS introduces its next-generation high-quality, high-performance NiMH battery charger, the new model 4040 NIMH. The 4040 uses a 3-stage charging profile with a microcontroller to maximise battery performance. The new charger has a robust -dV sensitivity detection and its top-off charge…


micrometal Group’s photo-chemical etching (PCE) processes (including sheet PCE and reel-to-reel PCE) significantly contributes to sustainability by promoting the efficiency and lightweighting of electric vehicle (EV) technologies. One of the key advantages of PCE is its ability to create precise and intricate designs with minimal material waste. The process reduces the overall weight of components,…

Cementation Skanska taps into Spillard’s Human Detection System to boost safety on site

Spillard Safety Systems has joined forces with Cementation Skanska to reduce the risk of moving plant on site – viewed as the biggest cause of potential fatalities in construction. The Wolverhampton-based company has fitted its AI-backed human form recognition cameras to the piling and foundation specialist’s fleet of large diameter piling rigs and cranes used…

Expanded wireless and radio control support

~ CP Automation announces new partnership with Tele Radio ~ To expand its range of wireless and radio remote controls, crane and hoist control specialist CP Automation has agreed a new partnership with Tele Radio in the UK and Ireland. After  two years of conversation and negotiation, the two companies are now officially partners. Following…

Molex Releases Report on Thermal Management Challenges and Opportunities for I/O Modules amid Emerging Solutions for Next-Gen Data Center Cooling

Fueled by heightened demand for the fastest data rates, optical I/O module power requirements push traditional forced-air cooling to operational limits Shift to 224 Gbps PAM-4 interconnects creates nearly a 4X increase in power density, increasing thermal management costs and complexities Advancements in server and optical module thermal management encompass advanced liquid cooling solutions and…


ALIO Industries stands out as a global leader in the provision of nanometer-level precise vacuum stages and robotic systems increasingly crucial across various industries such as fiber optics, biomedical engineering, micromachines, electronics, semiconductors, energy, optics, aerospace, and synchrotrons. ALIO offers an extensive range of ultra-precise and repeatable motion control solutions, all of which, except their…

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AEMT gives access to equality, diversity and inclusion resources

The AEMT has expanded its support for businesses looking at Equality, Diversity & Inclusion The AEMT’s EDI committee has collated a new resource toolkit New AEMT resource offers support with neurodivergence, workplace stress, mental health support and more EDI topics As part of its focus on the topic through the Association’s Equality, Diversity & Inclusion…

Anritsu Introduces Revolutionary Site Master™ MS2085A and MS2089A Analyzers

– A New Era in Field Testing for Diverse Applications – Vienna, Austria – 21 May 2024 – Anritsu Corporation, a global leader in test and measurement solutions, is excited to unveil its groundbreaking advancements in field testing equipment – the Site Master MS2085A Cable and Antenna Analyzer and the MS2089A with Integrated Spectrum Analyzer.…

Corrugated tubes improve heat exchanger performance

By Matt Hale, Global Key Account Director, HRS Heat Exchangers Over the last forty-plus years, HRS Heat Exchangers have gained a reputation for producing highly efficient tubular heat exchangers which provide unrivalled heat exchange capacity combined with consistent performance with a relatively small operational footprint. The key to this is our use of corrugated tube…

How Engineering Expertise Can Boost Operational Efficiency and Quality in Manufacturing

There are a number of benefits to utilizing engineering and quality services, from enhancing the efficiency of fastener concepts all the way through to the final product and ensuring the products meet desired quality and engineered requirements for the assembly line. In our latest Optimas Toolbox Talks podcast, contributors Graeme Bassett (VP, APAC), Greg Babinec…

Teledyne FLIR Expands its AI-Enabled Neutrino Ground ISR Series

Long-life MWIR camera module with integrated CZ lens simplifies integration for ISR, perimeter security, border surveillance, and CUAS camera developers GOLETA, Calif ― Teledyne FLIR, part of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, today announced the next mid-wave infrared (MWIR) Neutrino Ground ISR imaging module. The new ITAR-free Neutrino SX8-ISR 35-700 model with 1280×1024 resolution combines Teledyne FLIR’s world-class MWIR camera module and…

How important is domain specific data?

~ The data challenge for AI applications in quality inspection ~ AI tools like ChatGPT were trained using open-source material. What happens if your AI application requires domain specific data that its locked away behind a wall of secrecy? In this article, Miron Shtiglitz, VP Product and Delivery at visual inspection company QualiSense, explains the…

Premiere at Hannover Messe: Softing Industrial introduced edgeGate - a hardware gateway for industrial edge and cloud applications

Softing Industrial presented its new edgeGate at Hannover Messe 2024 – a maintenance-free hardware solution for transferring production data from PLC and CNC controllers to edge and cloud-based environments. edgeGate simplifies access to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and Computerized Numerical Controllers (CNC). It enables seamless and secure data integration into advanced management systems such as…

How robots are set to shape the future of food manufacturing

By Paul Carter, Sales Manager System Automation – Robotics, FANUC UK For decades, robots have been helping to increase production efficiency, improve quality and consistency, and alleviate labour shortages in industries such as automotive, machinery, and plastics. Other sectors however, including food and beverage, have been slower to wake up to the benefits of automation,…

Broughton receives Schedule 1 controlled drugs licence

~ Licence extends Broughton’s handling and testing of cannabis materials ~ To help category innovators bring novel cannabis and CBD-based medicines and healthcare products to market, scientific testing specialist and consultancy Broughton has received its Schedule 1 Controlled Drugs Licence from the UK Home Office for its Coleby House site in Yorkshire, UK. The licence…

Automotive boost as William Mitchell seals Ford Q1 Award

A critical automotive supplier has secured one of the industry’s leading awards for quality and performance. William Mitchell, which is part of the Rical Group, has been recognised with the Ford Q1 award, marking the 20th year it has been supplying fine blank components to the carmaker’s plants in the UK, Germany, South Africa, Argentina,…