Delta Introduces New M15A/M20A Flex Inverters for Use in PV plants on Residential and Small Commercial Buildings

Optimised fan-less design delivers whisper-quiet operation Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, presents the new multi-MPPT inverters M15A Flex and M20A Flex with outputs of 16.5kVA and 22 kVA respectively. The new inverters are an extension to the Flex series, with their design concept inherited from the M70A Flex. M15A Flex […]

Mobile eyes and ears on modern battlefields

~ How embedded computing is driving safety on the battlefield ~ The advancement of military technology in the past 20 years has reshaped the battlefield. From unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for aerial surveillance and air strikes to unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) for remote reconnaissance, modern warfare is seemingly shifting from primarily ‘boots on the ground’ […]

Caparoc components with UL certification

Caparoc is the new individual modular system for overcurrent protection from Phoenix Contact. For international use, all marketable components of the product family are certified with the UL Listed, UL Recognised, and cUL Listed seals of approval. As a result, the products can also be used in North America without problems.

Why do you need a soft starter?

~ Soft starters improve energy efficiency and motors’ performance ~ In Europe, around eight billion electric motors are in operation, which consume nearly half of the continent’s electricity. Owing to the increasingly serious energy crisis and rising energy costs, technologies for reducing motors’ power consumption, like soft starters and variable speed drives (VSD), have become […]

The Sempre Group appoints new Managing Director

To continue to provide innovative and localised metrology solutions to its customers across the UK and Ireland, industrial metrology provider The Sempre Group, has appointed Jim Mangan as its new managing director. The change in structure will enable The Sempre Group to continue to support its customers by having a business underpinned by great products, knowledgeable […]

Renishaw sponsors Greenpower electric car race

Global engineering company, Renishaw, has announced that it has renewed its longstanding sponsorship of Greenpower, an international charity that challenges young people aged nine to 25 to design, build and race electric cars. Renishaw first sponsored Greenpower’s UK Western Region Heat at the Castle Combe Circuit, Wiltshire in 2006 and continued the tradition with its sponsorship […]

Improving your genset’s efficiency

While it’s recommended to change the oil in your car at regular intervals, it is possible to drive it longer than the advised distance before having it changed. However, running a temporary genset on a light load or without regular maintenance will inevitably shorten its lifespan and can lead to unscheduled downtime. Here, Dean Harris, […]

Carrier Solution Enhances Comfort and Supports Preservation of Art in the Raphael Rooms at the Vatican Museums

Carrier designed a new system to deliver powerful heating and cooling without altering the historic space. An innovative air conditioning solution from Carrier is helping to ensure optimal ventilation and comfort in the historic Raphael Rooms. During a typical summer, the temperature in Rome can soar as high as 104°F/40°C, making the decision to install […]

Record Number of Finalists Revealed for Plastics Industry Awards 2021

After receiving a record entry, the finalists for all 16 categories in the Plastics Industry Awards 2021 awards were announced for the first time via an online livestream presentation this morning, Friday 10th September. Over 100 companies and individuals are on the shortlist, including product designers, OEM manufacturers, suppliers, plastics processors, consultants, apprentices and trainees from […]

Unbreaking the record for cyber-attacks

Remote telemetry units (RTUs) help prevent cyber-attacks against critical infrastructure According to Forbes, 2020 broke all records for data lost in breaches and sheer numbers of cyber-attacks on companies, individuals and governments. These threats are also becoming more sophisticated with emerging technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence and 5G. Fortunately, remote telemetry units (RTUs) allow […]

Metrology that’s out of this world

In September 1999, the Mars Climate Orbiter broke into pieces and burnt up because one person on the project failed to use the metric system. This one measurement mistake caused the failure of a 327.6 million dollar project for NASA and emphasised the importance of accuracy in the sector. Here Mike G John, head of […]

The future potential of process control systems

By Matt Hale, International Sales & Marketing Director, HRS Heat Exchangers Thanks to developments such as Industry 4.0, digitisation, and the cloud, together with improvements in process control and communication technology, it is easier than ever for equipment manufacturers to offer remote assistance and monitoring. The restrictions on travel and face-to-face working imposed the Coronavirus […]


In its continued effort to provide the most cost-effective tooling solutions available, Seco Tools has announced a new family of flexible, highly productive solid end mills, the Seco JSE510 series. Redesigned to offer the rigidity, chip control and tool life to achieve the lowest possible costs per meter machined in steels, stainless steels, cast iron, […]

NSK triple lip seal provides ultimate bearing protection

Bearings that operate in conditions with a high degree of contamination must offer many attributes. A highly efficient sealing arrangement is priority number one. However, these bearings must also be cost-effective and provide easy, quick and convenient fitting and removal, including the capability to counter any misalignment during assembly. To help meet all of these […]

Delta Introduces Ultron HPH Gen. 2 20-40kVA UPS to the Market

The new UPS features reliable protection, cost-effective power with compact footprint and high-level performance Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, today announced the launch of its Ultron HPH series uninterruptible power supplies to the market. The HPH Series provides high AC-AC efficiency of over 96% with an ECO mode to 99% […]

Delta to Showcase New High-Efficient Flex Series 3-Phase Inverters at Solar Solutions International 2021

Delta Electronics, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, will be exhibiting its new solar photovoltaic inverters at Solar Solutions 2021 in Expo Haarlemmermeer from September 28 to 30. Delta will be introducing a series of new inverters, ranging from 15 kW up to 250 kW, offering a complete solution from residential, commercial […]